Film Director, Actor, Voice-Actor 
Committee member, JFA Cinema YUME Club
Judge, Nasu Film Festival
Instructor, AVEX
Trustee, GIA 9000 Years Forestation Project
President, Earthian Alliance


It all began from Fukushima.

In May 2011, two months after Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima nuclear accident, I visited Fukushima with a camera in my hands.
The noisy hazard alarm from Geiger counter told me the harsh reality behind the beauty of nature in Fukushima.

What have we done...
We as a human race has committed a great sin...
My heart shivered.

What can we do?
What should I do?

As I searched for an answer, I came to know about the power of Microorganisms.
They are able to not only resolve many environmental problems we face today but radioactive pollution as well.
Microorganisms are the great hope for the humanity, I thought.
My journey to discover the amazing abilities of Microorganisms had begun.

For many decades, we have contaminated atmosphere, oceans, mountains and rivers.
We've taken many lives with no mercy and names just seem to keep piling up on the red list.

Aren't we thinking about only about ourselves?
Aren't we dominated by the selfish mind: "What's in it for me?"

If the world population of more than 7 billion people are to think only of their own greed and act without compassion to other living things, what the world be like when our children grow up?

We, the human race, cannot live by ourselves.
Animals, plants, air, water... everything is interconnected through the chain of life.
If we were to ignore the law of nature, there is no future for us.
Life can only be passed on by receiving from the past and offering and dedicating to the next generations.

I hope this film, SOSEI (Revival), would give inspirations to people and encourage to overcome the differences and confrontation that separate us from working together and instead use our time and gifts for respecting and caring each other and start to act wisely so that we can leave what's truly precious for our children.