The documentary film Readings a key to spiritual enlightenment

About Tetsu Shiratori


Film director, actor, and voice actor; also known as Earth Vision Creator.

A great evangelist who uses the medium of film to show how humanity can be led to a future with brighter possibilities.
His third documentary film, INORI - Prayer - Conversation with Something Great (2012), has gained an international reputation, and broken records nationally by being in theaters for more than 3 years, the longest screening period in history.
In his latest film, Revival (2015), he confronts the problem of radioactive pollution that most people prefer not to see, and seeks for the solution that creates a hopeful future for all beings on earth.

ストーンエイジ Stone Age (2005),
魂の教育 Soul Education (2008),
不食の時代 The Era of Fasting (2010),
祈り〜サムシンググレートとの対話〜 INORI - Prayer - Conversation with Something Great (2012)
蘇生 Revival (2015).

Films directed by Tetsu Shiratori :

Stone Age (2006)

Road show film.

Released in May 2006, shown throughout the country. Highly praised from around the world. Ranked 10th by audience votes in the magazine Pia. Ranked 19th in the first half year by the 2006 Best Cinema Awards.

Soul Education (2008)

Road show film.

A documentary film on the late Makoto Shichida, the globally praised authority on children’s education and right-brain education. Ranked 16th in the latter half year by the 2008 Best Cinema Awards.

The Era of Fasting (2010)

Road show movie.

A life of fasting doesn’t seem all that bad. This film focuses on the act of “eating” in modern times viewed through the unique diet style of acupuncturist Michiyo Mori, who has been living on a strict vegetable drink diet for more than 15 years.

Prayers - Conversation
with Something Great

Road show movie (Showed in 8 movie theaters in Japan,
4000 locations in 10 different countries).

Together with Dr. Deepak Chopra - authority on holistic medicine, Dr. Bruce Lipton, a stem cell biologist, and Lynn McTaggart, a journalist renowned for her research reports in scientific journals on consciousness, this film unravels the cutting edge research of the conscious mind, including time with Kazuo Murakami on the act of “praying”.
It has been recorded as the longest screened movie, and has won numerous international awards.

Revival (2015)

Road show movie (Showed in 120 theaters in Japan,
and numerous theaters around the world).

The 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, followed by radioactive contamination, air pollution, marine pollution, and other aftereffects. Global pollution hits us without refrain. And then, we gain knowledge of microorganisms, and how they can be the key solution to our problems. Casting light on the life story of Dr. Teruo Higa, professor of Ryukyu University, we look at how microorganisms can help the environment, agriculture, medicine, and energy.

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