Director's Message 白鳥 哲 監督 メッセージ

白鳥 哲 監督 メッセージ

Life is Seamlessly Connected
Interview with Director Tetsu Shiratori

Looking at what's happening in the world, I feel the distortions that came about from the limitations of which the value of materialism has reached. People can't find their meaning of life, saying there's no point living. For others, getting promoted, gaining good reputation, or becoming rich are their only goals, thinking nothing else is valuable. I find such view dominating this world.

Are we like machines? Is it that if we die, that's it? Is there no meaning in living no matter how we live? Fundamentally, life is connected seamlessly and is flowing cyclically, and that's what life phenomenon is. If you can't find a meaning of life or a value other than a materialistic one, the result would be self-destruction.

Thanks to the advancement in quantum mechanics, the concept of "what remains in the field of information filling the universe will continue to exist even after a man's body is lost" is being scientifically verified. The way we live, and the actions and deeds we take are recorded at quantum level, and that information, through unconscious memory, continues to influence our body.

It’s an area we've been calling the "soul." And the accumulated information recorded in that area will have impact at physical and material levels.

If you harm someone, you eventually receive that information through subconscious mind, and if you offer love and respect to others, then you will receive that information through your memory. Your dedication and devotion to human beings, all living things, the earth, and the universe, will eventually come back to you. Everything is connected and whatever you do is in the end for yourself.

If each and every one of us realizes this, the world will definitely change. The earth will move towards recovery, and we will feel from the bottom of our hearts that we are fulfilled and happy.

白鳥 哲
Tetsu Shiratori

Film director, actor, and voice actor; also known as Earth Vision Creator.

A great evangelist who uses the medium of film to show how humanity can be led to a future with brighter possibilities.

His third documentary film, INORI - Prayer - Conversation with Something Great (2012), has gained an international reputation, and broken records nationally by being in theaters for more than 3 years, the longest screening period in history. In his latest film, THE READINGS, address the theme of Edgar Cayce's "Readings".

Filmography: Stone Age (2005), Soul Education (2008), The Era of Fasting (2010), INORI - Prayer - Conversation with Something Great (2012), Revival (2015), THE READINGS (2018)