a soul education

How can we live to foster the mind? The soul?
How can we nurture humans?
The education to tap infinite potential of human beings
which endlessly cultivates the mind and soul has begun from Shimane, Japan.
The age of Soul Civilization has come.

The film, Soul Education, has all it needs to fulfil those who are lost in the midst of the “modern” society.


This is the first documentary that futures the late Makoto Shichida, the world renown leading pedagogist in right brain education and child education.
The film explores the potential of the right brain through lifelong research of Mr. Makoto Shichida, his practice, practitioners and most of all the voices of children who received his right brain education. You will see the profound life wisdom through the true potential of turning images into reality and through Shichida’s way of life and his philosophy of education.
This film will be a bible of humanity in the 21st century.
The age of Soul Civilization has come.

About Makoto Shichida

Makoto Shichida (1929-2009) born in Shimane, Japan, started his research on child education in 1958. From his experience of facing adversity of illness, he had grown strong interest in keeping good health, and established Shichida Right Brain Educational Method based on healthy physical and mental nurturing of children. His achievement is highly valued all over the world. Shichida Method is put into practice in counties such as Japan, the United States, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Shichida Right Brain Educational Method was recognized and registered as the most honorable theory and world intellectual treasury at the World Intellectual Treasury Association of the International Academy of Education University. In 1997, Mr. Shichida was awarded Social Culture Achievement Award, the highest honorable Merit Prize by the World Science Council and a distinguished service for World Peace Grand Knight Title, and the World Peace Prize in 1998. He had written more than 160 books including “The Shichida Method Training of Developing Right Brain” (Sogo Horei Publishing Company).


A review extracted from Tokyo Newspaper which was written by Shigeru Akiyama (a former examiner of the Film Classification and Rating Organization)

Developing your right brain means cultivating your soul. This is a documentary film that vividly features Mr. Makoto Shichida who is a world authority on children’s education. The director is Mr. Tetsu Shiratori who is one of the recommended members of the Dream Cinema Club. He became one of Shchida’s close friends when he made his former film “Stone Age.” He made this film “a soul education” since he would like to pass down his great achievement and humanity to latter generations. Anyone has potential. He left the message “When you have an image of something, you can realize it.” The serious film conveys this message to people through testimonies from Mr. Shichida, children of the Shichida’s Child Academy and his father and brother. I also would like to express my respect to Mr. Shiratori as he completed the film after struggling to overcome illness.

  • •I was deeply impressed with the wonderful film as it gave me the utmost suggestions and courage. The valuable and meaningful film is like a torch which casts a light on us in the darkness of the modern time. Th e modern society needs this kind of strong message the film itself conveys to us. I believe that the story will be broadly accepted as a new godsend around the world. (Man who is in his forties, clam school manager)
  • •The film “a soul education” touched me very much. I was moved to tears by the story from the beginning. It reminded me of promises to my inner self and soul. (Woman who is in her forties)
  • •This film will be understandable for people who can understand the meaning of the story. And sensitive people will able to get the message. The meaning and message will surely spread across Japan and the world. If adults change, children also will change. If teachers can change, then schools, the society, politics and all human beings will be also able to change. (Housewife who is in her thirties)
  • •The film is great! It gave me courage to move forward. I really thank it for giving me such wonderful feelings. (Musician who is in her twenties)
  • •My heart was touched by the film. It provided me with a guiding principle for my life. (Man who is in his twenties)
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      回想ドラマ・配役 Drama Cast

      スタッフ Staff

      製作 オフィス・しちだ
      プロデューサー 白鳥哲
      撮影 成田健
      録音 荻久保則男
      録音助手 北口靖久
      助監督 伊熊弘輝、大橋達也
      制作 久留裕子、大澤美奈子
      制作進行 成田哲
      衣装 高藤友喜
      車両 平岩久資、渉勝志

      音楽 南雲和晴
      シンギングリン演奏 和真音
      ナレーション 白鳥哲
      声の出演 浅野まゆみ 渡辺明乃





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