Earth Vision Creator


Film director, actor, voice actor, also known as Earth Vision Creator

A great evangelist using the film as a medium to share information that would lead the humanity to a future with brighter possibilities.

His 3rd documentary film INORI - Prayer - Conversation with Something Great (2012) has gained an international reputation, created a national record of being on theaters for more than 3 years, the longest screening period in the history.

In his latest film Revival, he confronts the problem of the radioactive pollution that most people prefer not to see and seeks for the solution to create a hopeful future for all beings on earth.

Filmography: ストーンエイジ Stone Age (2005), 魂の教育 Soul Education (2008), 不食の時代 The Era of Fasting (2010), 祈り~サムシンググレートとの対話~ INORI - Prayer - Conversation with Something Great (2012), 蘇生 Revival (2015), リーディング The Readings (2018)

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